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EGO R12 Portal White Cartridge Machine


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The EGO R12 Cartridge Machine in Portal White is the latest addition to the popular EGO tattoo machine range. The EGO R12 is a dedicated cartridge machine. Like all the other EGO machines, you are able to adjust the softness of the machine. On the EGO R12, this can be done by changing the small rubber tips at the end of the needle bar. The rubber tips included are graded from Hard (Black), Medium (Red) and Soft (Yellow) and are easily changed to suit your style.

The EGO R12 can be used with all types of cartridge grips: The EGO HAWKFLOW Disposable Cheyenne Hawk Grips and Cheyenne Hawk Grips be attached direct. You can also use yourcartridge grips with a backstem because a vice connector is included with the EGO R12. 

Key Features

Anodised T6 Aluminium core and vice

UV Coated Plastic shells

This machine uses graded rubber tips (Hard, Medium and Soft) to generate true give

3.5mm power lead included

Built in power LED

Brushless flat Swiss motor by Maxon

Assembled in the UK

Created and designed by Bez, Triple Six Studios, Sunderland, UK.

The EGO R12 is also available in Renegade Silver and Dark Black

"I just had the pleasure to work with R12 this past week and must say i love it! I am more a “coil guy” but this one stick to my hand pretty good! I can use it for black n grey but colour as well with small adjustment,which is convenient. love the way it runs! You can adjust the give with three different kind of rubber placed at the end of the bar, which makes machine work really smooth and pack color solid with not much trauma to the skin. Easy in use, you can use disposable ego grips or chayenne grip and their cardridge system. What I did so far with R12 was a great experience, will do more!! A must have for sure!" - Thomas Kynst

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